Course Description

Go behind the scenes with some of the best health coaching and marketing experts on the planet to discover how they became health coaches in the first place, how they developed their brand and their product, how they mastered sales and marketing and are able to generate clients on demand, how they took their business from fledging health coaching startup to lucrative career, and how they became great coaches that consistently get their clients results. 

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Senior Instructor

Erin Power

For 25 years, Erin Power balanced her full-time Marketing and Advertising career with a part-time career in the fitness industry as a trainer and fitness instructor. She made the leap to full-time health coaching in 2004, and in that time has helped over 600 individual clients find freedom from food fixation, and achieve an effortless relationship with food. These days she's one of the leaders at the helm of developing curriculum for Primal Health Coach Institute®, and supporting the business development efforts of our graduates. She's also the co-host of Health Coach Radio, the podcast by health coaches, for health coaches. Erin lives outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on a hobby farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Health Coaching Success Virtual Masterclass

    • You're Invited: Join the Health Coaching Success Private Facebook

    • Let's Connect!

    • A Few Important Matters Before You Begin

  • 2

    Day 1 - Getting Started As a Health Coach

    • Introduction

    • On the Growing Demand for Health Coaching and Why It's So Important — with Mark Sisson

    • Getting Started: The Foundations of Building a Health Coaching Business — with Erin Power

    • How to Know Whether You're an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Employee, and Why It Matters for Your Health Coaching Career — with Michelle Norris

    • What 4 Health Coaches Wish They Would Have Known Before Becoming Coaches — with with Ste Lane, Mike Rutherford, Ali Watts, and Rachel Barber

  • 3

    Day 2 - Building Your Brand and Your Product

    • Introduction

    • On Being Your Own Boss and the Power of a Personal Brand — with JJ Virgin

    • The Art of Public Speaking and How to "Pitch Yourself" — with Elle Russ

    • How to Start and Leverage the Power of Your Very Own Podcast — with Brad Kearns

    • How to Self-Publish Your Own Health and Wellness Book — with Jake Taylor

    • Cookbook Publishing: What to Know Before You Launch Your Own — with Lindsay Taylor

  • 4

    Day 3 - Mastering Health Coaching Sales and Marketing

    • Introduction

    • Sales Doesn't Have to Be Scary: How to Convert Prospects into Paying Clients — with Laura Rupsis

    • How to Use Facebook Advertising to Find and Attract Clients — with Dorothy Illson

    • How to Leverage Your Existing Network to Find New Clients — with Ashley Sauvè

  • 5

    Day 4 - Growing Your Health Coaching Business

    • Introduction

    • How to Launch the Health Coaching Business of Your Dreams — with Michelle Leotta

    • Building, Supporting, and Leveraging Your Online Community — with Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright

    • Scope of Practice: Understanding What You Can and Can't Do as a Health Coach — with Jonathan Posey

    • How to Expand Your Offerings and Bring Your Tribe Together with Health Coaching Retreats — with Vanessa and Adam Lambert

  • 6

    Day 5 - Becoming a Better Health Coach

    • Introduction

    • How to Coach with Confidence — with Christine Hassler

    • Health Coaching in Clinical Practice: Delivering Health to Patients Within the Sick Care System — with Dr. William Davis

    • How to Use the Power of Story to Make You a Better Coach — with Amy Lucas & John Eric Staley

    • The Impact of Positivity and Resiliency on Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success — with Lauren Schwab

  • 7

    Bonus: Day 6 - Your Next Steps

    • Introduction

    • Health Coach Radio

    • Health Coach Pyramid of Success

    • 3-Pillar Plan to Becoming an Expert Health Coach

    • Virtual Campus Tour - Primal Health Coach Certification Program

    • Primal Health Coach Institute Curriculum Guidebook

    • Enroll In Primal Health Coach Institute

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