Health Coaching Success Virtual Masterclass

Senior Instructor Erin Power

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Go behind the scenes with some of the best health coaching and marketing experts on the planet to discover how they became health coaches in the first place, how they developed their brand and their product, how they mastered sales and marketing and are able to generate clients on demand, how they took their business from fledging health coaching startup to lucrative career, and how they became great coaches that consistently get their clients results. 

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Erin Power
Erin Power
Senior Instructor

Hi, I’m Erin Power, and I’ve spent 25 years in the fitness industry watching our conventional wisdom around diet and exercise decidedly NOT work for people. That’s really what inspired me to become a health coach: to quieten the noise of the bad, bewildering, confusing, and confounding information, and to help clients achieve real, clear, honest, supported health outcomes. 

Like many health coaches, I transformed my own health and became utterly evangelical about how messed up dieting and fitness culture is! I needed an outlet to deliver my message of hope. So I got educated and credentialed, and built a successful career as a health and nutrition coach. My health coaching company has helped nearly 500 individual clients and counting ditch the dreary diet dogma, find freedom from food fixation, and achieve an effortless relationship with food.

Like my co-host Laura Rupsis, I’m proud to be on the faculty of a health coaching school that is training and certifying more new health coaches every single day. Our battalion is growing! My favourite thing to do is empower, support, and inspire new and practicing health, fitness, and nutrition coaches to be the change the world needs. I believe that, together, we can dramatically influence the trajectory of human health.