Course Description

This course prepares you for a successful career as a health coach in an established medical practice by addressing the core competencies deemed necessary for all healthcare providers by the Institute of Medicine. You’ll graduate ready to approach the practice of your choice with confidence, armed with the tools you need to accept referrals, plan evidence-based programs, coach patient-clients, evaluate your progress, and become an indispensable part of the medical patient care team.

Online course made up of 6 written chapters

Each chapter includes bite-sized learning objectives, an overview, definition of terms, relevant lessons, and various practical resources to put learning into action.

A job-search roadmap

We prepare you with sample telephone and email scripts, a practice assessment, a CV template, and supportive materials to help you land your dream job in a medical practice.

Specialized program planning and coaching for medical patients

This resource-rich toolkit includes a goal-setting template, an evidence-based health coaching blueprint, a program evaluation checklist, and more.

Scope of practice guidance

We'll prepare you with medico-legal basics to launch your career in healthcare, including instruction on appropriate language and conduct for interactions with providers and patients, and help you clearly define your scope of practice.

Access to a private Primal Health Coach Institute Facebook community

Network and stay motivated with the Primal Health Coach Institute team and your peers in our private Facebook community.

Course Instructor

Instructor Judith Boyce MD

Dr. Judith Boyce recently retired from her medical practice to develop vibrant health and longevity coaching programs and retreats for women over 50. She brings a wealth of training in health promotion, integrative therapies, functional and anti-aging medicine, and the primal lifestyle to help women optimize their lifespan and healthspan. She provides her expert and insider knowledge from her 40+ years in healthcare to help you launch your career as a health coach in a medical practice.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome from Judith Boyce MD

    2. Meet Your Faculty and Staff

    3. Course Structure

    4. Medical Practices NEED Health Coaches

    5. Learning Outcomes of This Course

    6. Healthcare Core Competencies

    7. Language and Identifiers

    8. Geography and Portability: What if You Do Not Live or Work in the United States?

    9. References

    1. Important: Legal Matters

    2. Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

    3. Support

    1. Introduction

    2. Health Coaching in Medical Practices - Interview with Instructor Dr. Boyce

    3. Integrating Health Coaching in Medical Practices - Interview with Instructur Dr. Boyce

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Quick Facts

    3. Definition of Terms

    4. Overview of the U.S. Healthcare System

    5. Introduction to Care Coordination

    6. New Models of Care

    7. Types of Community Medical Practices

    8. Why Medical Practices Need Health Coaches

    9. Chapter Summary and References

    10. Chapter 1 Exam

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Quick Facts

    3. Definition of Terms

    4. Your New Client: The Medical Patient

    5. Social, Economic, and Cultural Factors that Influence Health

    6. A Primer on Chronic Disease

    7. The Evolution of Patient-centered Care

    8. Special Skills and Qualities That You Bring To The Table

    9. Chapter Summary and References

    10. Chapter 2 Exam

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Quick Facts

    3. Definition of Terms

    4. Ethics for Health Coaches in Healthcare Settings

    5. Professionalism in the Healthcare Setting

    6. Teams and Teamwork

    7. Chapter Summary and References

    8. Chapter 3 Exam

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