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The Primal Health Coach Certification Course provides the most in-depth and up-to-date ancestral health education in the world, equipping you with an arsenal of well-informed alternative choices based on science and experience in order to best serve your clients’ goals. Using the model of Integrative Health Coaching, rooted in developmental and humanistic psychology, we shape expert coaches into persuasive catalysts for behavior change.

The program is comprised of 20 comprehensive chapters based on evolutionary health science that teach you how to reprogram genes to direct optimal cellular function. Through text, video and audio, you’ll learn how to best coach clients toward lifelong functional fitness, efficient fat burning and moderated insulin production. You’ll discover how to break through weight loss plateaus and exercise for optimal health. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the best-to-worst spectrum of food choices and how to help clients implement lifestyle behaviors that support their health and wellness goals. You’ll strengthen the coach-client bond with a practical approach to securing clients, structuring sessions, asking questions, and motivating transformation.

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Course Instructors

Co-Founder and Instructor Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is a celebrated best-selling health and fitness author credited as the “godfather” of paleo/primal and a leading figure in the ancestral health community. He is a former world-class distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor, and coach to hundreds of professional athletes. An avid academic, Mark was a pre-med candidate and earned a biology degree from Williams College. He served for 15 years as chairman of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Anti-Doping Commission and as the ITU’s liaison to the International Olympic Committee. He began sharing his vast nutrition science knowledge with the ancestral health community by way of his award-winning blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark teamed up with other leading experts to create the Primal Health Coach Institute certification program, the world’s first coaching program based on the evolutionary health movement.

Senior Instructor Erin Power

For 25 years, Erin Power balanced her full-time Marketing and Advertising career with a part-time career in the fitness industry as a trainer and fitness instructor. She made the leap to full-time health coaching in 2004, and in that time has helped over 600 individual clients find freedom from food fixation, and achieve an effortless relationship with food. These days she's one of the leaders at the helm of developing curriculum for Primal Health Coach Institute®, and supporting the business development efforts of our graduates. She's also the co-host of Health Coach Radio, the podcast by health coaches, for health coaches. Erin lives outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on a hobby farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Instructor Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a world-renowned master coach, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, podcast and TV host who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential. She began supporting people as a life coach and speaker in 2004 after leaving her job as a successful Hollywood agent to pursue a life she could be passionate about. Her powerful combination of qualifications and life experience has made her a world-renowned master coach who can move people out of suffering and limitation, and into fulfillment. Christine holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing, and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome from Mark Sisson and Erin Power

    2. Course Overview

    3. Downloading Files Within the Course

    4. Meet Your Faculty and Staff

    1. Important: Legal Matters

    2. Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

    3. Support

    1. Introduction

    2. Announcements **Updated March 6, 2022

    1. Introduction

    2. Ebooks

    3. Audiobooks

    4. Weekly Q&A Webinars with Erin Power

    5. Archived Webinars

    6. The Council of Holistic Health Educators

    7. Peer and Faculty Support & Connection via Facebook

    1. Introduction Video

    2. Why PHCI?

    3. Why Ancestral Health?

    1. Introduction Video

    2. Chapter Overview

    3. Quick Facts

    4. Genes 101

    5. Gene Expression, Epigenetics, and Genetic Adaptation

    6. Chronic/Systemic Inflammation

    7. Chapter Summary and References

    8. Coaching Your Clients

    9. Chapter 1 Curriculum - Audio

    10. Familial Genes - Audio Supplement

    11. Genetic Diversity - Audio Supplement

    12. Changing Habits - Audio Supplement

    13. Chapter 1 Exam

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